About Us

What We Are

We continue to exert a major influence on the development of environmental, systems analysis for sustainability and on policy-makers and civil society in meeting the challenges in living sustainably and well. The impact of our research and programme is enhanced by our work in close partnership with diverse stakeholders on sustainable innovation and implementation issues in practice.

Our research uses inter-disciplinary approaches to the analysis of complex systems, integrating the science, and technology with insights from the economic and social sciences and from this develops action-oriented, policy relevant responses to long-term environmental and social issues. We influence sustainability policy and drive local action for nature-based, equitable, resilient and environment friendly development.

We provide a friendly and supportive environment in which innovative thought and creativity are strongly encouraged and in which our socially and culturally diverse group of researchers and staff can flourish.

Our Vision

We provide a friendly and supportive environment in which innovative thought and creativity are strongly encouraged and in which our socially and culturally diverse group of researchers and staff can flourish.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help communities achieve sustainable development in all its dimensions – economic, social, and environmental – by translating the Sustainable Development Goals into meaningful policies and solutions. Particularly, to understand and predict how anthropogenic activities affect environmental integrity, causing detrimental effects on
sustainability, and how exposure to environmental agents affects human and environmental health.
Our research projects, policy work, and convening initiatives span across SDGs including environment, education,
culture, gender, and health and well-being.


Our Objectives

Conduct applied research to protect and conserve natural resources towards sustainable use and community development

Stimulate participation in national and international cooperation programs and interdisciplinary collaborative research networking

Establish community outreach programs and engagement activities

Carryout capacity building, training and outreach programs for different target groups

Provide consultancy services to government and multi-lateral agencies

Develop databases and information systems on specific areas related to environment and sustainability

Our Team

Dr. Imam Hasan Reza

Director & Principal Fellow

Conservation Planning, Environmental Management, DRR, Sustainability

Dr. Nowshad Amin

Principal Fellow

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Dr. Abu Hena M. Kamal

Principal Fellow

Sustainable Coastal Management, Aquaculture

Dr. Abul Quasem Al-Amin

International Fellow

Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, DRR

Dr. Firoz Khan
Dr. Firoz Khan

Principal Fellow

Environmental Pollution, Atmospheric Physics & Chemistry

Dr. Amir Mohammad Nasrullah

Honorary Fellow

SDG & Governance

Mizanur Rahman_1
Mizanur Rahman

Honorary Fellow

SDG & Governance, Disaster Management

jashim uddin
Jasim Uddin

General Secretary

Environmental Ethics, Art & Culture for Sustainability

Masudul Amin Khan

Finance Secretary

Green Economy

Dr. M. Mohammad Haque
Dr. M. Zahirul Haque

Honorary Fellow

Sustainable Forestry

Dr. S. Kabir Sarkar-0
Dr. S. Kabir Sarkar

Senior Fellow

Sustainable Agriculture, Green Economy, SDG

Dr. M. Moniruzzaman-0
Dr. M. Moniruzzaman

Senior Fellow

Sustainable Agriculture

Final2 copy
Md Jamal Uddin

Research Fellow

Environmental Management, Environment & Public Health, SDG

Dr. Tariqur R. Bhuiyan
Dr. Tariqur Rahman Bhuiyan


Disaster Management

A. T. M. Mosleh Uddin (1)
A. T. M. Mosleh Uddin

Honorary Fellow

Environmental Management, Sustainable Forestry